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Vastu Services We Offer

Residential Vastu

Our homes are the places where we spend most of our times and our emotional, physical & mental health is greatly governed by the environment of our house. Here vastu plays a very important role. Vastu principles correctly applied to any residential premise can bestow the residents with health, wealth and overall prosperity.

If  Vastu principles are religiously followed, then the house and its occupants will vibrate with positive energy and enthusiam and Such a vastu compliant space will bring in optimum  health, wealth and prosperity to the family. Since we spend a large amount of time at our homes , it is very important that every minute aspect from room allocation, to colour scheme , openings, water points and furniture layout should all be taken into proper consideration .

Residence Vastu
Commercial Vastu

Commercial Vastu


Pt Sumitt Sharma has a special expertise in handling the vastu of commercial complexes and the spaces within and she ensures that the vastu rules are applied in such a way that occupants of the complex get profitability & good business results. Commercial complexes are big business centres and their vastu is of utmost importance.


The commercial vastu could be for a shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, hospital , school ,bank , multiplex, cinema hall, shops , showrooms or any other institution,  if you have you have to make it into a profitable venture, the building structure must conform to basic tenets of Vastu which includes correcting directional faults, enhancing vastu zones, balancing panchmahabhootas and checking the energy.

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